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Artisan Collection

The Artisan Collection contains the ultimate artistic wood flooring range. It is based on the unique character of Oak, in combination with highly skilled craftmanship in a range of colors and textures. Each product is manufactured with the highest level of attention to detail behind each and every board. The Artisan collection is unique to flooring installation by utilizing the Woodloc® joinery system. This mechanical joint can be click locked into place and has no need for glue making it faster and easier to install than traditional joints. The Artisan collection is easy to remove when installed floating and can be used directly after installation with no gaps. In addition a light and dark option available in Beech offer a durable, high gloss, lacquer sheen and reflective finish which gives your floor a shiny, polished look that enhances the beauty of the wood species. This protective quality ensures that it will stay beautiful despite every day wear and tear. The penetrative oil finish on the Oak planks bring out the fine structure and grain of the wood and enhances its natural color. Floors treated with oil are easy to clean and maintain.
Baccarat, Beech
Camino, White Oak
Earth, White Oak
Linen, White Oak
Opaque, Beech
Oyster, White Oak
Tan, White Oak