European white oak for Dorrance Dance Company - State of the Art Wood Floors

European white oak for Dorrance Dance Company

At State Of The Art wood floors, we’re privileged to take part in all types of high end residential projects throughout New York City but once in awhile we also get to be involved in special projects like portable dance floors!

SOTA supplied the wood flooring product for this truly unique floor build for Dorrance Dance Company.  Only the most durable material would do for this amazing 18ft x 40 ft seamless dance floor with a customized underside that makes a sprung floor.  Essentially, this baby tucks away in 5 road cases in sections that are approximately 8ft long and 11 inches wide.  It assembles in under an hour and disassembles in under 30 minutes!

The finish is durable and creates the perfect acoustics for their specialty dance company. Dorrance dance travels all over the world performing tap dance routines on our floor. This European white oak or “Oak Pure”, finished with a Matte Urethane “Tenseo”, was chosen because of the special interlocking joinery and durability. So they could easily assemble the floor on different stages across the world and disassemble and ship back home when finished.  These planks come in 5.51, 7.17” or 8.76” wide, are ⅝” tick and run in 86.61” lengths and have square edges and NovoLoc interlocking Joinery.


We are proud to show off the versatility of our State Of The Art engineered floors!

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