Combining modern technology with excellent craftsmanship has always been the cornerstone of the Luxe Collection. Using old world techniques with state of the art technology gives this collection the ability to produce high-end, beautifully-crafted wood flooring.  Luxe Collection floors are French cut – this involves whole logs being sawn ‘through and through’ so that the boards sliced are the full width of the tree. The wide plank boards will have an array of grain radiating from the flat cathedral grain in the center of the planks, while along the edges of the planks the grain is tighter and there will be quartering alongside with occasional flecks of the medullary rays. French cut oaks, in our planks of 7” and wider and long lengths running up to 10 feet will have the full array and variety of the beautiful grain patterns within each individual board. This technique is what truly gives the Luxe Collection its name.  **Please note that custom widths, solid flooring and Herringbone / Chevron options are available upon request.