Our Reclaimed Flooring collection includes antique heart pine, oak, chestnut and other hardwoods rescued from historic structures slated for demolition. In addition, we begin with a wide selection of hardwoods harvested from responsibly managed forests. These rare and beautiful antique woods are unlike anything available today. Every piece of reclaimed wood we mill is hand-selected for its richness in history, character and beauty before it’s turned over to our experienced craftsmen who de-nail, saw and kiln dry every board. The resulting product being transformed into antique wood flooring of unparalleled beauty. We leave nothing to waste; we burn our dust to create the energy we use to run our kilns and heat our facilities. We believe every floor should be unique. The Reclaimed Collection is no exception. Please Note: Gristmill Oak contains a mix of smooth oak and saw marks while Granary Oak has saw marks present on all boards.