Experience the finest in engineered wood flooring with Terra Collection engineered hardwood flooring products. In a range of colors and species, you can have all the warmth and beauty of wood with the strength and stability that comes from decades of research and technology. Terra floors are created by combining separate layers of hardwood, as opposed to solid wood flooring’s single layer. Each new layer is laid out so that its grain runs at the right angle to the grain of the layers above and below it. Because wood naturally expands and contracts in the width of the direction of the grain, combining the layers this way gives the Terra collection “dimensional stability” and prevents it from changing shape due to moisture. All come pre-finished with seven layers of top coating to improve wear-ability, durability and product integrity. Each layer of coating is flash-dried with ultraviolet light in a process known as UV curing. The seven coats are comprised of four UV-curer sealed coats, a coat with suspended aluminum oxide for abrasion resistance, and two coats of high-quality, scratch-resistant polyurethane.