Properly Cleaned Wood Floors leads to a Healthy Environment and Piece of Mind" SOTA floors your local Bona Certified Hardwood Flooring Specialists


We have incorporated the Bona Deep clean method and are Bona Certified Craftsman


Bringing back floors to life:

  • Over time, day-to-day traffic and wear and tear can diminish the look and quality of the surface.
  • A new protective layer restores the original luster and prolongs the life of floors.
  • Safe, quick and easy, Bona Protecting Treatment restores floors, bringing them back to life in no time. For heavy traffic areas, Bona’s Protective Treatment is recommended in conjunction with Bona
    Deep Cleaning.



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Making floors happy:

  • Regular cleaning is the key to a better indoor environment.
  • Bona Cleaning Treatment works effectively, without harming surfaces or the environment. Pending your current floor we will create the correct program.
  • Bona Oil Soap provides nourishment for oiled floors, while Bona Clean W10 removes dirt from waxed and lacquered surfaces gently, yet effectively, leaving floors clean and refreshed.
  • Suitable for both machine and manual cleaning, Bona Clean W10 and Bona Oil Soap provide outstanding cleaning performance without the use of harmful chemicals, making them ideal for any environment.

Reviving floor freshness:

  • Over time, stubborn stains and residue build-up, resulting in tired, dull surfaces. Our unique Deep Clean Treatment revives wooden floors, restoring freshness and appearance without the need for renovation or downtime.
  • Quick, easy and affordable.
  • Removes dirt, grime and build-up.
  • Keeps floors looking their best.
  • Increases life of hardwood floor.

Cleaning wood flooring with the Bona Power Scrubber