Get a room


Our work has been featured in Architectural Digest, New York Magazine, and most recently, in HGTV’s Get A Room with Carson & Thom. Learn more about our process working with HGTV below!


The process

Hey Eric & Laura -
Thanks so much for meeting with us today and for your help in making this fun custom table happen for our first episode of the new show! I’ve looped in Carrie Drosnes, Jennifer Beecher and Jason Hollis, who you met in the showroom and are part of the production team making this all happen!

Just to confirm, below is the plan for what Thom is planning to do with the tabletop: (FYI - I know my measurements might be slightly off because the wood isn’t exactly 8.5” W but using that number just so we’re all on the same page)

(5) lengths of 10’L x 8.5” W
(2) End Caps @ 8.5”L x 42.5”W

Stain & (crappy) drawing confirmation below: Also, I wanted to confirm if you’d be able to provide the cut material for the “frame” part of the table that we’ll be staining with the extra stain that you give us?

Carrie’s contractor who will be putting the table together and securing it may want to chat with you tomorrow to confirm a few details. I know you’re on the go so I’ve given Carrie your cell in case she has any questions or wants to connect you with him. Hope that’s ok!

The result