The elegant choice of hardwood flooring

While hardwood flooring is adequately well-known for a long lifespan, excellent durability, and some amazing available options, there is one truth that can’t be hidden. They feature some of the most elegant appearances in the entirety of the flooring world. When you walk into a space where these floors are installed, the look is the first thing that catches your eye. From glossy finishes to hand scraped sophistication, these floors make an impact on the entire environment. But there’s far more to these floors, and we think you should know more about them.

Sota Floors has been hard at work since 1999 for the total satisfaction of our customers. Since that time, we have continued to grow, and offer even more products and services for that same reason. From our New York, NY and South Hampton, NY showroom locations, we serve the areas of New York, Hamptons, Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester, and we’d love to have you as a customer as well. Stop by and check out our amazing lines of wood flooring and allow one of our knowledgeable staff to tell you how they can be perfect for your own home.

Hardwood flooring facts and more

Hardwood flooring is in no way a new concept. Having already been around forhundreds of years, there’s a reason why it continues to dominate the market, as well as flooring trends, each and every year. These floors feature a lifespan that is nothing short of amazing and will be the last floor covering you ever have installed in your home. Just check out any local historic building that stars wood floors and you’ll see what you have to look forward to. They can look just as stunning after a hundred years as they do the day of installation.

One of the reasons hardwood floors maintain this amazing ability to weather the years is the ability to refinish them from time to time. When other homeowners are considering new flooring because their old has worn out, you will just be preparing for your very first refinishing project. This process strips away decades of household abuse, allowing your floor’s true beauty to shine through again, just like new.

More than that, these floors feature durability that’s hard to match. Especially with the perfect selection of species, your floors will stand up to whatever your household can throw its way.

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